Not So Neutral: Rock Out in Rose Gold

April 02 2016 – Ashley Schenkein

Rose Gold. The color may be neutral, but the statement is anything but. Whether you're typical style is a classic goldilocks or a silver fox, here's how you can ROCK OUT in a Rose Gold kinda way...

Get Funky in Melrose

Select an ear jacket, nail head or spike and you'll be ready to drum to your own beat.


Classic & Composed in Versailles

Stay true to you with a rose gold twist on a classic, staple style...our Versailles earring!



Wrap It Up, Havana-Style

Our NEW Havana Wide Leather Wrap Bracelet in rose gold will grace your wrist in a gloriously soft, demure, modern and earthy way. 


And that's how it's done! Ante up your summer style - shop our Rose Gold pieces today!