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Ashley Does Havana: Part 1

Posted on April 25 2016

Ashley recently embarked trip to Havana. Here's her experience in her own words...

Havana: Part 1

"After landing in Havana and taking a short taxi ride to my Casa Particular (B&B) in the Vedado neighborhood, I was ready to walk around and get some fresh air. I found myself walking along the beautiful and iconic Malecon, chatting with a local woman about politics and life in Havana. She told me about all the things I couldn't miss, then took me on a short tour of the streets of Havana. After saying goodbye, I strolled the streets of Hamal in Central Havana, watching the kids box in the streets, buying Cuban cigars (as gifts!) and sipping on mojitos in an authentic Cuban bar while Buena Vista Social Club music filled the space around me. This is when I realized: Havana is not a place to see, but a place to be experienced. This is what it was all about...and I was loving every minute of it." be continued...


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