Collection Spotlight: Sardinia

March 18 2023 – Ashley Schenkein

Sardinia is an island so picturesque it seems incomprehensible that it’s actually real–turquoise waters that shimmer against the sunlight, colorful buildings painted in pink, yellow, and orange, lush greenery and white sandy beaches that are just and warm and inviting as the weather. With Ashley’s latest collection, you can transport yourself to an Italian oasis any time of the year.

Dave and I went to Sardinia in...[SMALL PARAGRAPH HERE ABOUT TRIP]

With such a stunning trip and inspiring island, I knew I had to create a collection around this magical Italian oasis:

These bracelets are the perfect addition to your everyday stack! 

I obviously had a lot of fun with the necklaces! Something about layered necklaces feels so summery to me...

I always think that earrings are such a great place to play with color. It can be just the perfect pop that appears when you tuck your hair behind your ears.

These beaded rings remind me of childhood in the best way possible. It's an elevated version of a nostalgic piece of jewelry. But the best part...they're nice and giving if your fingers swell in the summer!