Custom Couple: Emily & Dan

December 28 2022 – Ashley Schenkein

Today we are showing off one of our ASJD couples, Emily and Dan! Emily and Dan both had custom rings made for their nuptials, as well as Emily’s engagement ring.

The two had a stunning wedding and Emily made the most beautiful bride. Dan was looking quite sharp as well!

Emily’s engagement ring features a salt and pepper solitaire diamond in a four-prong setting with a 14k gold matte band. Her wedding band does not have any stones, but rather has a beautiful design. Dan went for a classic yellow gold band in a matte finish for a more modern look.

All three rings are gorgeous standout pieces, but also complement each other so well, which we think is a beautiful touch for engagement and wedding bands!

The couple honeymooned in Tulum where they snapped a beautiful shot of their rings. It’s always so fun to see an ASJD creation after it’s left the store, and we so appreciate this special couple for letting us play a small role in their love story.

Photography: @simoneschiessphotography

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