Pros & Cons: Engagement Ring Surprise?

March 14 2022 – Ashley Schenkein

Congrats, you’re getting engaged! Hopefully the engagement itself isn’t a surprise, but we certainly hope the proposal is! When that time starts to roll around and you hear wedding bells in the distance, many bride-to-be's have a particular vision of their engagement ring and the process leading up to it. 

While some want a complete surprise and others want full involvement, there are pros and cons to each to consider:

Complete Surprise: If your partner has great taste and you’re trusting, we can confidently say you have a lifetime of great gifts ahead of you! If you’re leaving ring shopping totally up to your partner, make sure that you have a few trusted friends or family members that know what you want, your ring size and other details so your future fiancé can call in reinforcements if necessary.

Do it Together: You’re starting your lives together, so why not take that first step as a couple? While this may be non-traditional for some, for other couples, this is what works. Ring shopping together can be a great experience–it’s typically a fun afternoon filled with champagne, sparkles and lots of laughs. This also sets the precedent for your partner to know that their opinion is important, which will be a great starting point when it comes to wedding planning.

Hybrid: Go jewelry shopping with your partner to a few different stores, point out some things you like, then leave the rest to them! This way, your partner has a starting point to work from and then can potentially incorporate a surprise or two for you once you see the final product.

Whatever you choose, we’re so excited for your upcoming engagement, if we can help, swing by our store, browse our rings online or give us a call at 720.663.0663.
xoxo, Ashley