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January 09 2022 – Ashley Schenkein

Our home and travel accessories aim to make you feel at peace in your space, no matter where you are. Our candles and diffusers are also a great addition to a birthday, hostess or housewarming gift. Shop our home and travel line below to find a perfect addition for your house or next vacation:

11 oz White Tumbler Candle - Santal / Volcano Blue / Tobacco ($44): Fill your space with one of our intoxicating scents. The candle features a white container, perfect to fit in with any home decor, and comes in a white luxury box. Hand-poured in the USA, this vegan soy-coconut wax blend gives a clean burn with approximately 90 hours of burn time.

  1. Santal: A warm spicy powdery blend featuring precious notes of Indian Sandalwood and Cardamom are combined with Herbaceous Ginger and green fresh Violet synergistically melded with Vetiver, Virginia Cedarwood and fruity creamy Orris, highlighted by sensuous amber and musks.
  2. Volcano Blue: This fragrance is perfect blend of citrus and sugar notes.
  3. Tobacco: Our Tobacco Leaf and Ylang Ylang candle centers around the cured leave of the tobacco plant blended with the floral notes of Ylang Ylang.

6 oz Gold Travel Candle - Santal ($18) : Fill your space wherever you go with our intoxicating Santal scented travel candle. The candle comes in a gold tin container and makes the perfect gift. Hand-poured in the USA, this vegan soy-coconut wax blend gives a clean burn with approximately 40 hours of burn time.

8 oz Reed Diffuser - Santal ($58): Fill your space with our intoxicating Santal scented reed diffuser. The glass reed diffuser comes in a white luxury box with 12 white reeds and lasts up to 4 months. Rotate your reeds when the tips dry out to keep the scent fresh.

4 oz Reed Diffuser Oil Refill - Santal ($28): Refill your ASJD diffuser with our intoxicating Santal scented refill bottle. The refill comes in a 4 oz glass bottle with a dropper.

Travel Jewelry Case ($15): If you’re anything like the women at ASJD, you’re a woman on the go. Now you can take your jewelry with you securely whether it is to change it up before you head out after work or on your next vacation in our silver leatherette travel case.