Jewelry Based on Your Zodiac Sign

July 21 2022 – Ashley Schenkein

Aeries - Ring Stack: You’re a leader, and with this ring stack, you get to pick who’s on top.

Taurus - Pearls: Reliable and stable, the jewelry equivalent to this star sign is a strand of pearls.

Gemini - Statement Earrings: You’re a bit of a walking party, which is why a clingy pair of statement earrings is right for you.

Cancer - Heart Necklace: Deeply loyal and loving, a heart necklace is perfect for this water sign.

Leo - Cocktail Ring: We’re not saying you like being center stage but…let’s just say a bold cocktail ring is a perfect representation for your personality. 

Virgo - Tennis Bracelet: You’re a hard worker, task oriented, and like to have control over the situation. Your power move? One sparkly bracelet.

Libra - Stud Earrings: Beautifully balanced, and a true lover, stud earrings are the perfect pairing for this Air sign.

Scorpio - Earring Cuff: For the girl with the hard attitude but soft interior, an earring cuff shows how much you rock, but also your effortless style.

Sagittarius - Jacket Earrings: This fire sign is bold and daring, so jacket earrings really reflect your fearless attitude perfectly.

Capricorn - Thin Gold Chain: You’re a practical girl, but also wildly ambitious. You appreciate simplicity, so a thin gold chain is your perfect everyday staple.

Aquarius - Initial Bracelet: This Air sign is a little quirky but totally unique. Treat yourself to a bracelet that celebrates you.

Pisces - Anklet: Nothing screams “beach babe” more than an anklet, which is exactly what this Water sign is all about.