Reimagining Heirloom Jewelry

August 14 2022 – Ashley Schenkein

Heirloom jewelry and gemstones are extremely sentimental items, and we consider it a great privilege to help breathe new life into these emotional pieces. There are plenty of reasons you may want to reimagine heirloom jewelry. Maybe it doesn't fit, it's not your style or the recipient's style, or you want to break up a larger piece into several smaller pieces. We often find that sometime clients feel reluctant or guilty about taking this jewelry apart, but in our opinion, isn't it better to have a piece you can LOVE and look at every day, rather than one that sits in a box?

We always recommend doing a little photoshoot with the original piece so you can have that memory to keep, but then, it's beautiful to create the next generation of jewelry! We wanted to highlight just a few of our favorite heirloom pieces that we are so honored to have had a hand in:

My husband and I were searching for a designer to create my engagement ring with the diamond from his grandmother's earring he proposed with. We came upon Ashley via a recommendation from friends. When it came time to design my engagement ring, she was a dream to work with.  It takes a certain skill to translate a description, and Ashley has that. She gave me options that I had never considered and lead me in the direction I was looking for. The result was a ring that I never want to take off. Ashley is a skillful, thoughtful and extremely talented designer. I cannot say enough about her expertise in this craft. I would recommend her to anyone in search of custom jewelry. - Erin

This dreamy ring is the perfect example of creating something fresh and modern with an heirloom diamond. This gorgeous offset ring features a pear salt and pepper pear diamond with a family heirloom white diamond in a bezel setting.

Ashley took the time to help me figure out a perfectly unique design for an engagement ring that turned out absolutely perfectly. She asked guiding questions and helped me feel like I was a part of the decision making process, and then made the most beautiful ring for my fiancée (now wife) using an heirloom diamond from my grandmother. If I could, I would mark this 6 stars. - Dan

Our personal favorite element of this ring...can you spot the blue diamond? Dan wanted to add this personal touch because it's his wife's favorite color!

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