Top Travels Around the World

April 22 2023 – Ashley Schenkein

Happy Earth Day!

From Sardinia to Berlin, Croatia to Montreal, to right here at home in Denver, so much of my business is centered around our planet’s beauty. I am so lucky to have traveled all across the world with friends, family, my husband Dave, and now, our daughter. 

Creating collections inspired by some of the stunning cities across the world is truly a passion of mine, and I hope that these global-inspired collections help bring a bit of that beauty right to your jewelry box.

In honor of earth day, I wanted to share in no particular order, some of of my favorite places I’ve traveled to:


Carbondale, CO


Jaipur, India


Mérida, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico


Hydra, Greece 

Below are some ways you can help show your support in the fight to save our planet.


For a monetary way to support, INVEST IN OUR PLANET at

Or, if you can’t show monetary support, take a moment to sign the petitions below:


Sign the Climate Education Coalition Open Letter to help protect our planet.

Sign the Open Letter to help show your support for changes in the fashion industry that can save our earth.

Sign the Open Letter calling for a Global Plastics Treaty.

Send a letter to Congress…it’s easy!

I hope all of you take a moment today to step back and appreciate the beauty that’s all around us. xoxo, Ashley.