Ways to Customize Personalized Jewelry Without a Name

August 18 2022 – Ashley Schenkein

It's no secret that our Personalized Jewelry Collection is one of our favorites. We love seeing orders come through with notes about the piece that we are so lucky to make for yourself or your loved one. This collection is great for...

  • A push present with baby's name
  • A birthday present for that person who never treats themself
  • Or for the recently engaged person in your life with their new initials!

However, here are 3 ideas you can use that AREN'T a name...

  1. Nickname: Maybe you exclusively call your partner "Honey" or "Sunshine." What a perfect way to have a sentimental nickname celebrated on a necklace for you to always smile at!
  2. City: If there's a city that's sentimental to you and your partner or you and your bestie, write it out! Maybe you got engaged in Paris, or you and your best friends all moved apart after college (you met in Aden at CU Boulder...how cute would that be on a necklace?!). If there's a city or place that's sentimental, use it! 
  3. Acronym: Have a sweet phrase that you and your partner use? Perhaps it's "You're My Lobster" for all of you Friends fans out there. Whatever the phrase is, turn it into an acronym so only your partner knows what the YML stands for on their bracelet.

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