Your Jewelry Should be as Unique as You Are

At Ashley Schenkein Jewelry Design, we believe that jewelry is an extension of who a person is, where they have traveled and where they came from. That's why the personal connection we create with our clients is key to creating that perfect piece of jewelry that makes our clients feel that the piece of jewelry is uniquely and only theirs. Our mission is to design jewelry that fits your lifestyle and elevates your look in a distinctive yet timeless way.

At our custom jewelry consultation one of our head jewelry designers and diamond/gemstone professionals will meet with you or you and your partner to discuss your lifestyle, design preferences and personal style for your custom piece of jewelry. During the consultation, you and our designer will discuss design ideas, materials, and your budget (if you have one, which isn’t necessary). At the end of the consultation we will have gathered enough details so we can send you a proposed design rendering via email that includes an exact quote as well.

Our custom jewelry consultation provides you with the opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with our knowledgeable jewelry professional who can help guide you to hone in on the perfect design, ideal choice of stone, including shape, size and quality and something that you are going to love eternally. We love a challenge and will always help identify why a design will or will not work well for your lifestyle and your vision. Let us guide you in the process of diamond and stone education, the functionality of the ring and bring your design to life.

Custom Consultation Staff