Designing Your Dream Engagement Ring

February 01 2017 – Ashley Schenkein

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to make your dream engagement ring a reality? It’s a beautifully creative process. At Ashley Schenkein Jewelry Design, I am passionate about designing unique, custom pieces of jewelry. I am not only committed to you walking away with a piece that you will love forever, but you will also truly enjoy the journey of designing the ring.

The most important thing to know when buying an engagement ring is the bride-to-be’s style. Is she a vintage lady who loves intricate, antique styles? Is she a modern woman who likes sleek lines and a minimalist look? Maybe she rocks the boho style and would love something alternative like a raw diamond or alternative gemstone?

I encourage all of my clients to get a sneak peek into her Pinterest page for style ideas. Or, better yet, talk to her sister or best friend. Chances are, your lady has told at least one person what she’d like to receive. If a woman truly cares about what her ring is going to look like, she will likely have told someone who can help guide through the initial design decisions. If the bride-to-be has not mentioned anything to anyone, then it can be fun to design something that will completely surprise her :).

So what does the process look like?

First, I can’t wait to welcome you into my studio! If possible, bring in images of styles that you love, or that you’d like to use as inspiration. We’ll discuss design ideas, initial concepts, personal styles, metal preferences, occupation and/or lifestyle (as this could impact the design) and talk through any questions you may have. It is during this meeting that we usually sketch an initial design to kick-start the process.

Next, we research stone options to fit your budget. I’ll come up with a budget that fits within your lifestyle, and once the quote is approved and stones are selected, we create a CAD (computer rendering) of the design, which I’ll email to you. We will make any changes until you are 100% happy with your design.

After the final approval, a wax is made, the ring is cast in your metal of choice, the stones are set and we follow a 10-point inspection process to make sure everything is absolutely perfect.

We’ll meet one more time so you can see and approve your gorgeous custom design, and then the ring is on its journey to the proposal!


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