Gold Vermeil - Vermeil is an 18k Gold or Rose Gold plating over Sterling Silver. The plating is heavier than a typical plating. Even though we use a very thick plating, we don’t recommend wearing this jewelry while working out, showering or washing your hands in order to make it last a lot longer.


Sterling Silver: This jewelry has a 92.5% silver content making it a precious metal. Our sterling silver jewelry is always nickel-free. It can be cared for and cleaned making it perfect for everyday wear.


14k Gold-fill: Our gold-filled jewelry and chains are made by permanently bonding layers of solid 14k gold with extreme heat over a core of high quality jeweler's brass making it durable and high quality for the long run.


Oxidized Sterling Silver: This is a process where we add a patina to the sterling silver to give it a darkened look. It will fade over time, often settling in the links of a chain or other parts that don’t get rubbed off through wear.


Rhodium plated sterling Silver: We often add a rhodium plating to our sterling silver and oxidized sterling silver items making the darkened patina or bright white look of sterling silver last a lot longer through daily wear.


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