The AS Journey

At Ashley Schenkein Jewelry Design, we are passionate about designing unique, custom pieces of jewelry.  We are not only committed to you walking away with a piece that you will love forever, but you will also truly enjoy the journey of designing the ring.  Our clients think it is a comfortable, informative and hassle-free experience as well.  See what our clients are saying about Ashley Schenkein Jewelry.  

Our experience . . . 

First, let’s meet to discuss design ideas, initial concepts, personal styles, metal preferences, occupation and/or lifestyle (as this could impact the design) and talk through any questions you may have. It is during this meeting that we usually sketch an initial design to kick-start the process.

Next, we research stone options to fit the client's budget so an accurate quote can be provided. Once the quote is approved and stones are selected, we create a CAD (computer rendering) of the design and email it to you. We will make any changes until the client is 100% satisfied.


After the final approval, a wax is made, the ring is cast in the customer’s metal of choice, the stones are set and we follow our 10 point inspection process to make sure everything is perfect. One last look with the client is scheduled and the ring is on its journey to the proposal! Our rings are created to last a lifetime of love, adventure and beauty.