A Custom Couple’s Necklace

October 24 2022 – Ashley Schenkein

It’s no secret that we LOVE love, and love creating custom designs that represent that love. That’s why we were so excited when David approached us about creating custom necklaces to symbolize the meeting of his now wife…

The Story


When David was at a Red Rocks concert years ago, he asked a random (at the time) woman to take his photo. The background of the photo was the infamous ship rock and stage. David certainly asked the right woman to take his photo, because after the pair started talking and later exchanged numbers. In the end, it all worked out and the two have been married for over five years now!


The Design Process


This year for their anniversary David wanted to get two necklaces made in the shape of the rocks that now symbolize their meet cute. David designed the initial sketch and from there, we helped hone the design and work with a master metalsmith to create the finished product.

The Finished Product


We absolutely love how this design turned out. It is a gorgeous, fine piece of jewelry that is subtle, sentimental, and perfectly represents the couple. David’s thoughtful idea is such a beautiful example how just how personalized a custom piece of jewelry can be, and a great display of creativity and thinking outside of the box!

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