Steps to Prepare for Your ASJD Consultation

July 29 2022 – Ashley Schenkein

Once you’ve made the smart decision to go with Ashley Schenkein Jewelry Design, it’s important to prepare for your consultation! While we’ll take care of all of the details, it’s a good idea to come in with a starting point. Here’s what you can do to get ready with your partner:

1. Start your research: If you’re designing alone, now is the time when sneaking is not only acceptable, it's recommended! Check out your partner's Pinterest board and notice what styles they comment on when you’re out to dinner.

If you’re designing together…well, we’re sure you already have a vision in mind!

2. Envision a style: Just as the marriage is a union, the ring should be too. Are there certain details about your relationship that you want reflected in the ring? Maybe a shape or a stone color that can represent something significant in your relationship?

It also might be interest to discuss what your partner would have picked if they were shopping alone! This may spark an idea you hadn’t thought of.

3. Enlist help: For those designing solo, check in with your partner's best friend, sibling or trusted person. Sometimes a second set of eyes can be helpful.

4. Have a budget in mind: Having a starting point is a helpful way to guide your consultation and start to make a selection. Know your desired price range so that you have solid parameters from the start.

5. Enjoy your consultation: It’s time to come on in and start creating! We can't wait to meet you and help create the perfect piece for this momentous occasion.

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