FAQ Lab Grown Diamonds

October 31 2022 – Ashley Schenkein

When it comes to diamonds, the choices are endless. You don't just have the 5 Cs to consider, but also whether or not you would like a lab grown or naturally occurring diamond. But what exactly is a lab grown diamond? Let's discuss...

Q: What is a lab grown diamond?

A: Lab grown, or man made, diamonds, are created in laboratories that replicate the same process as diamonds mined from the earth. When tested, a lab grown diamond will register as a diamond, and only highly-specialized equipment can distinguish the small differences between the two.

Q: So a lab grown diamond isn't fake?

A: No. At an anatomic level, a lab grown diamond is the same as a naturally-occurring diamond. A lab grown diamond is not moissanite or cubic zirconium and is in fact, a real diamond.

Q: What are the benefits

A: More affordable: First and foremost, lab grown diamonds are more affordable than their naturally occurring counter parts. This means that you may have more options than would otherwise be available to you, such as a larger size.

Customizable: Recently we created a custom ring for a client and wanted to match an heirloom diamond that the client was working into the ring. We went with a lab grown diamond because of our ability to better customize the size and shape to perfectly match the heirloom diamond we were also working with.

More sustainable: For many, knowing exactly where your diamond came from is a top priority, and with lab grown diamonds, you are able to not only know exactly where your diamond was made, but also know that creating a diamond in a lab is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than the practice of mining.

    Q: Why the price difference?

    A: Lab grown diamonds are still relatively new to the jewelry world. Science has allowed for us to create stunning diamonds in a lab, and while this technology is advanced and expensive, it is still more affordable than the practice of mining. In addition, the market has not valued lab grown diamonds equally, however, this could change over time.

    Q: So which one should I choose?

    A: As is the case with ALL jewelry, there is no right answer. Jewelry is deeply personal, and the type of stone you choose is as well. It is always our mission to make sure that you have a piece of jewelry that is beautiful, brings you joy, and is within your price range. All of our diamonds are conflict-free, and whether you go with a man made or naturally occurring diamond, we will source the best choice for you so you can smile whenever you see your ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings.

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