Know More About Permanent Jewelry

June 13 2023 – Ashley Schenkein

Introducing the perfect accessory for a lifetime of memories - ASJD Permanent JewelryOur jewelry is crafted from the highest quality materials and designed to last a lifetimeWhether youre looking for a classic piece or something more modern, our selection of necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings will suit any style. With Permanent Jewelry, you’ll never have to worry about losing your favorite piece - because it’s meant to last forever!

FAQs About Permanent Jewelry

What is Permanent Jewelry?
The latest jewelry trend, permanent jewelry, is custom fit to your wrist and soldered shut so it stays on forever (or as long as you want it!). These beautiful 14k gold bracelets are delicate enough so that it will feel like it is barely there. They make perfect friendship bracelets, bridesmaids gifts, sister-sister, mother-daughter or a barely there just for you bracelets. 

Is it really permanent?
Yes, but you can cut it with scissors at the ring if needed. While they are designed to be permanent, a strong enough tug from an accident could remove the bracelet. If this happens for any reason, please contact us. 

Does it hurt?
Nope! When we put on your jewelry, we use high heat that quickly zaps the chain to weld it shut. You shouldn’t feel a thing!

How long does an appointment take?
Plan on 20 minutes for your appointment to choose a chain, get measured and have your chain zapped! 

What is the process?
Getting your permanent jewelry is easy! Just choose your chain, we'll zap it on at your desired length, and then it's yours to enjoy!

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Why would I want permanent jewelry?
Never get your clasp caught on a sweater again! Always be accessorized. Get endless compliments. Easily start your stack. Never lose your jewelry. Must we go on?!

Is it waterproof?
Yes! Shower, pool, ocean...enjoy your permanent jewelry knowing it won't get lost in the water!

What is the care process?
Ready for the best part...nothing! Your permanent jewelry piece doesn't require any specialized care, so you can wear worry free!

Do you do silver?
Unfortunately silver does not wear as well as a permanent piece of jewelry over time, therefore, we don't offer silver as a permanent jewelry option. However, we have plenty of silver pieces available in store and online!

But can I take it off if I need to?
While your jewelry is meant to stay on, we know it may need to come off. High-quality scissors should be enough to break your chain if necessary.

Can I accessorize my chain?
Yes! We offer a variety of charms if you want to add a little extra bling to your chain.

How much does it cost?
Chain prices vary by style. $14 - $38/inch, which is about $91 - $258 for an average wrist size. Charms are $28 - $258. 

Do you offer discounts?
Permanent jewelry is not part of our regular discounts unless it is a specific promotion for permanent jewelry. Please contact us for group events such as bachelorette parties, birthdays, bridal showers or just a night out for a group event discount. 

Which metal choices are offered?
We offer mainly 14k solid yellow gold - and it's our most popular choice due to the way that it wears. We have one mixed 14ky solid yellow, rose and white gold option. Any other colors / combinations must be special ordered in advance. We do not offer sterling silver as it won’t wear well over time. 

What if the chain I want is sold out?
We try our best to have all chains in stock, but sometimes we run out of inventory. If you want to be sure that the chain you want is in stock, please call us ahead of time to confirm we have your desired chain choice. 

My plans have changed and I need to cancel
We require 24-hour advance notice if you need to cancel your appointment. If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance or do not show up your deposit will be forfeited.

What if I change my mind?
All sales are final for our permanent jewelry. Please ensure you are ready to commit to this everyday luxury before we zap your bracelet. 

Want more than one bracelet?
Our gold chains are perfect for layering, and we’re happy to weld multiple bracelets during your appointment. For more than 3 bracelets, please book two consecutive appointment slots to make sure we have enough time together.

BRACELET PRICING: Each piece is measured to fit your wrist and they are priced per inch just for you. An average wrist is between 6.5 – 7.5 inches, but the price per inch will depend on your unique measurements and desired fit. Our prices per inch vary from approximately $18/inch - $82/inch (average cost $22 - $34/inch). 

What if I need to remove my jewelry?
If you need to remove your bracelet for any reason, simply cut it off with scissors. Cut the ring that attaches the chain together to ensure the cleanest look. Re-welds cost $10. Keep in mind that you may be required to remove your jewelry during medical procedures such as X-Rays or MRI’s. Consult your doctor if this will be required. TSA doesn’t require you to remove your jewelry. 
To schedule your permanent jewelry appointment, give us a call at 720.663.0663. We can't wait to get you zapped!